Enrollment and policies

Enrollment and Policies

We love dogs (can you blame us?), and every canine guest at Tails of the City receives an enormous amount of care and pampering, as well as individual attention to their unique quirks and needs. That said, we believe that you know and love your dog more than anyone, which is why we require a quick meet and greet on the morning (prior to 7 am) of your dog’s first visit to TOTC, so we can hear from you about your dog’s personality, needs, play style, and socialization habits. Does your little pup love to roll with the big dogs? Let us know! New dogs at TOTC receive lots of attention and care – our team will keep an extra eye on them to make sure they’re easing into the pack well. They’ll be part of the squad in no time.

In addition to the first-visit meet and greet, the policies and vaccination requirements below ensure that all of our canine friends remain safe and healthy.

Please call ahead let us know you’ll be coming and fill out the online form linked below.

New  and Existing Customers click this link to sign up via Gingr

    • Proof of Rabies, Bordetella, and DHLPP vaccinations are required.
    • Dogs must be spayed or neutered by the time they are 7 months old.
    • Dogs must be free of fleas or illness for at least 30 days prior to visiting TOTC.
    • Dogs that have contracted any communicable disease will require a veterinarian’s certification of health before they can return to TOTC.
    • We love puppies. (Tag us in your Instagram photos @totcseattle, please!) But for safety reasons, please don’t bring your pup to TOTC until they are at least eight weeks old.
    • We allow same-day drop-offs for existing clients, but we prefer and encourage that you call ahead and reserve your spot – space can fill up quickly.
    • All dogs must have a nylon collar with a quick release buckle and a nametag. No metal buckle collars, choke chains, pinch collars, or harnesses are allowed. Please enter and exit the building with your pup on his or her leash.
    • If you’d like us to feed your dog lunch or administer any medications, please include a note with proper instructions.
    • A $1/minute fee is added to your bill for any pick-ups after 6 pm.
    • Aggressive behavior will be monitored closely by our staff, and if frequent, we’ll ask that your dog receive professional training before returning to TOTC. It’s our priority and responsibility to keep TOTC a safe, aggression-free environment for all dogs.
  • In the case of a veterinary emergency, we’ll notify you immediately. All vet bills are the responsibility of the dog owner. Clients will be asked to sign an online waiver in Gingr acknowledging this before their dog’s first day at TOTC.