Services and rates


Tails of the City provides a safe, indoor and outdoor off-leash play area, with designated areas for big and small/shy pups. There are also obstacle courses, kiddie pools in the summer, Coolaroo couches and other cozy areas for relaxing and napping, and plenty of laps to crawl into for a scratch behind the ears. We don’t charge extra for meal feedings or administering medication. Basically, we’re a doggie daycare dream.

New pup on the block? On your first day at Tails of the City, we ask that you arrive before 7 am for a quick meet and greet, so we can get to know your dog and talk with you about his or her behavior and socialization skills. This is important because you know your dog better than anyone, and we want to ensure that every pooch at TOTC has the best, most comfortable experience possible. For more information–and to access our enrollment sign-up via Gingr–head over to Enrollment & Policies page.

Daycare Rates:


Single Day Visit:  $36

5 Visit Package:  $175 ($35 daily)

5 Visit Package for 2 dogs: $310 ($31 / dog daily)

10 Visit Package:  $340 ($34 daily)

10 Visit Package for 2 dogs: $600 ($30 / dog daily)

20 Visit Package:  $640 ($32 daily)

20 Visit Package for 2 dogs: $1120 ($28 / dog daily)

30 Visit Package:  $900 ($30 daily)

30 Visit Package for 2 dogs: $1560 ($26 / dog daily)


Single Half-Day Visit (up to 4 hours):   $20

5 Half-Day Visit Package:  $95

5 Half-Day Visit Package for 2 dogs: $150

10 Half-Day Visit Package:  $180

10 Half-Day Visit Package for 2 dogs: $280

20 Half-Day Visit Package:  $340

30 Half-Day Visit Package:  $480

Bathe and Brush Services:

Bath and Blowdry: $25
Nail Dremel: $15
Gland Expression: $10

Bathe and Brush services are available for daycare clients only.